ONLINE SERVICE! – $30 a week.

That’s right, Inner Dragon is online! We offer online services worldwide at an affordable rate. The only difference is our 1 on 1 sessions would transform into online video sessions and email communication.
Requirements: access to a computer


AT HOME SERVICE! – $45.00 per session

That’s right, Inner Dragon is mobile! For an affordable price of $45.00 an hour (also currently the best deal in town), you can be trained out of your own home! This deal is perfect for those looking to utilize their home gym, those with busy work schedules, and stay at home parents who don’t have the convenient luxury of leaving home. Sessions will be adapted to what you have available. My only recommendation is to have an open floor space for movement (about 80-90 square feet as a recommended suggestion).


KARATE SCHOOL: House of Kenpo – $55.00 per session

Also available is the House of Kenpo Karate school which is a well suited area for those looking to do group classes, bodyweight exercises, or even advanced MMA training. This training space has its own unique feel and a wide variety of exercise accessories.

dojo-training area

dojo-weapon wall

PUBLIC GYM: Fitness Excellence Р$45.00 per session