Personal Training Services


Our consultation is free, but very important as our first meeting will involve a detailed health screening in which I will learn about your individual needs, your goals, lifestyle, preferred method of exercise and more. During this time I will also work with you in determining your current skill level for exercise. This ensures you start off on the right foot! When finished, you have had your first personal training experience and there are no obligations, but from this point on I have all I need to make your dreams a reality! Training sessions are appropriate for all ages. Personal Training Sessions include:

  • A bran new and custom designed workout routine that follows all your goals and needs.
  •  Class time in which I will teach you factors and functions of training such as stretching, diet advice, exercise psychology, etc. Each session will have a new lesson plan. 
  • Adviser time where I will guide you in your fitness journey. Very often a gradual transition must be made for you to discover how to most enjoy your workout routine.
  • One on one gym time where I will walk you through your custom workout routine and ensure you learn proper exercise form
  • At home service for those who wish to take advantage of their home GYM, otherwise I will provide full GYM access.
  • Training at your own pace.
  • Organised and regular blood pressure testing.
  • Various ways of measuring progress including before and after results
  • Flexible hours. I work around your schedule, not the other way around. 
  • Increased health, strength and self confidence.
  • The best rates in town!

Ultimately, when you express your fitness goal, I will make sure you get it.  Personal Training rates and deals:

  • 1 session: – $40 each After the trial session, you will receive a customized workout routine and a lesson plan of your choice (materials provided). I will then guide you through the form of every exercise on your routine. This is a great option for experienced athletes looking to brush up on their skill or learn a new one. Great for learning basics and a very strong start. Appropriate for beginners to those with fitness experience. 
  • ZERO TO HERO PACKAGE – 10 sessions for $250 You don’t need to be dependent on a trainer; one must “learn to fish” and this is how you do it. After making this 10 session commitment, you will learn everything you need to know in order to train yourself. A special feature in this package is “exercise alarms” (I will call you at pre-arranged times if you’re having trouble with motivation and getting started). This package is perfect for those looking to make a life transformation.

Group Training: Ever wanted to have your own personal training class exclusive to you and your friends? Well now you can! With my group training deals I will train at your choice of locations, or my own provided studio. These classes are custom designed for the needs of those participating. Maximum 12 people per class

  • Flat rate of $15 an hour for 2 fitness enthusiasts. 
  • Additional $5.00 per extra participant.