Training Session FAQs

What should I wear?

Appropriate exercise shoes, pants, shirt, and deodorant.

Can I request another form of training?
ABSOLUTELY! I am experienced in all forms of exercise including strength, hypertrophy and endurance. Along with that I am also well versed in teaching people how to use resistance bands, exercises involving exercise balls and medicine balls and plyometrics.

How long is a session?
A session is 1 hour long, but may last longer with no extra charge.

Is there tax on your pricing?
My prices include tax.

What does a session look like?
The bulk of the session will be one on one training. I’ll put you through the paces while teaching and maintaining proper form. Sessions are custom, meaning we will exercise at your own pace and following your needs.

How do you take blood pressure?
I own my own blood pressure checker that is portable. Blood pressure records will be maintained weekly to ensure a healthy heart. Systolic & Diastolic blood pressure readings will be documented, and BPM (beats per minute) recorded. I will also watch for irregular heart rhythms.

What will I learn in a session?
Each week will include a new lesson in exercise science so that you may enrich your knowledge and be able to work out more independently every day. These lessons will include anything from proper stretching technique to warm ups and learning about the body’s energy systems.

Can I ask you questions in between sessions?
When you sign up with me you have full availability for assistance. Any questions or concerns you may have can be answered with a quick call or email anytime. Anything you would like with your session? Just ask.